Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a NJ Boating Safety Certificate?

To obtain a NJ Boating Safety Certificate, you must complete a boating safety course approved by the New Jersey State Police.

Bridge Marina offers the approved New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate Course in Lake Hopatcong and Highlands, NJ throughout the season. You can see a course schedule and register online.

What is a “boating endorsement?” Do I need one on my license?

In addition to a NJ Boating Safety Certificate, non-tidal boat operators also need a boating endorsement on their New Jersey driver’s license. To obtain the endorsement, you must first complete a boating safety course approved by the New Jersey State Police. After completing the course, you will receive a boating safety certificate, which you must take to the NJ MVC, along with other required identification documents, to get your boating endorsement on your driver’s license.

This additional endorsement is required for non-tidal boaters, which includes Lake Hopatcong.

For more details on how to get your endorsement, please visit the NJMVC

Are there specific boating rules or regulations in New Jersey waters?

All New Jersey boaters must adhere to speed limits, no-wake zones, and regulations regarding alcohol consumption. There are also specific rules regarding age restrictions, mandatory safety course completion, and other regulations that must be followed.

Boaters on Lake Hopatcong must comply with applicable federal and state boating laws, as well as those specific to Lake Hopatcong.

For more details regarding boating rules and regulations in New Jersey, visit the New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau

I already have a NJ Boating Safety Certificate, but cannot find it. How can I get a replacement?

The Marine Services Bureau of the New Jersey State Police can provide a replacement if you have lost your NJ boat safety certificate. To request a replacement, please contact the Marine Services Bureau  by email at NJBoatCert@njsp.gov and provide the following information:
•Full Legal Name
•Date of Birth
•Complete Current Address (and any prior addresses the certificate may be under)
•Copy of Driver’s License or State I.D. (any scanned copies or photos must be in .jpg format)
•Phone Number
•Email Address
•Reason for the Request

Please note that all requests for replacement must be e-mailed or sent through the United States Postal Service.

What kinds of boating lessons do you offer?

Bridge Marina offers both small group and private, one-on-one lessons on Lake Hopatcong and Sandy Hook Bay in Highlands, New Jersey.

Our group training participants gain hands-on boat handling experience with a trusted captain aboard one of our beautiful Bridge Marina fleet boats. Group training sessions are designed for 2-4 participants and cover everything from boating basics to docking skills, as well as more advanced open water and tight quarter maneuvering skills. Each learning module is three hours in length.

Our private lessons offer participants a one-on-one, customized learning option, covering the modules of the participant’s choice aboard one of our fleet boats or the participant’s boat. The length of the lesson depends on the customized learning plan developed with the participant.

Learn more about our lessons and sign up here.

What type of boats are used in your hands-on lessons?

Bridge Marina’s hands-on learning programs typically utilize center console or bowrider boats, ranging in size from about 22 ft to 24 ft. Our boats are outfitted with single outboard engines. Boat owners can also choose to train on their own boat with our private training option.

Where are you located?

Bridge Marina’s full-service, flagship location is centrally situated on Lake Hopatcong by land or water in a tranquil, no-wake zone at 89 Brady Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ.  In Highlands, we offer boat lessons, boating club and boat rental services at centrally-located Baker’s Marina on the Bay at 1 Atlantic Street, Highlands, NJ.

What services does Bridge Marina offer?

Bridge Marina offers a comprehensive range of services at our boutique marina on Lake Hopatcong and sister location in Highlands, including boating education courses, on-water boat lessons, boat rentals, a boating club, boat sales, boat service, and dock slip memberships, all supported by our award-winning team. We cater to every aspect of your boating experience, offering convenience, expertise, and exceptional customer service to our guests.

Do you rent boats?

Yes – Bridge Marina rents premium, fully-loaded triple pontoon boats on Lake Hopatcong and the Jersey Shore in Highlands.  Please note our renter requirements. We look forward to welcoming you to the water!

Do you rent jet skis, kayaks or paddleboards?

No.  Bridge Marina does not rent jet skis, kayaks or paddleboards at either location; however, first-class, triple pontoon boats are offered for rent at both locations.

Do you offer a Boating Club?

Yes! Established in 2006, Bridge Marina Boating Club has welcomed thousands of families to the boating lifestyle. Join our Boating Club and effortlessly enjoy your time on the water as a member at our location on Lake Hopatcong and at the Jersey Shore in Highlands – it’s the simple and smart way to enjoy all the luxuries and advantages of the boating lifestyle without any of the long-term commitments, costs or shortcomings of owning a boat. Membership opportunities are very limited at both locations; fill out a membership application here.

Do you offer hands-on boat training?

Yes! We offer small group and private on-water boating lessons that build boating skills, from basic skills to more advanced skills like close quarter maneuvering and precision docking.  Classes are held in Highlands and on Lake Hopatcong. Learn more and sign up today!

Do you have a public launch ramp?

No – sorry, Bridge Marina does not have a public launch ramp and does not provide a daily launch service.

What is your Member Rewards Program?

Join our free Rewards Members program to receive exclusive perks, including saving ten cents per gallon of fuel at our fuel dock! Join today!

​​​​​​​Do you provide temporary boating safety certificates?

No. Bridge Marina does not provide temporary boating safety certificates.  However, we do offer the NJ Boater Safety Certificate class and exam at our marina throughout the year and encourage you to take the course with us!  Please email info@bridgemarina.com for class schedule!

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for new talent to join our team of welcoming, engaged, caring and honorable people that support getting people on the water to enjoy boating.  The right team member is interested in working with and helping others, working around boats and water, and is attracted to a challenging, but rewarding opportunity.  Share your interest with us at info@bridgemarina.com

What types of membership programs do you offer?

Membership programs are based on:

  • The number of times you want to go out boating each summer (Membership Level)
  • When you want to go boating (Anytime or Weekdays Only)
  • Where you want to go boating (Your Home Location – Lake Hopatcong or Highlands)
What is the membership commitment?

Our membership program commitment is only one year.

For your convenience, all plans are auto-renewed each year on your anniversary (joining) date, and most members join us for several consecutive years. You can opt out of renewing your plan by simply letting us know, in advance of your anniversary date, that you no longer wish to continue your membership.

No cancellation fees, no long-term commitments. And, when and if you’d like to join us again after a “break” from the Club, you can rejoin for great times on the water for another year. Flexibility is important to us.

How Do I Know That I Will Be Able to Get a Boat?

You simply make a reservation in our online system. Your confirmed reservation guarantees your use of the Club.

We maintain a ratio of approximately 7:1 Full Members to available boats to ensure our members have unwavering access to the water. Summer weekends are of course our more popular days for reservations, and our weekend afternoons are most popular. We encourage our members to make plans in advance and reserve their time to guarantee their spot.

Our most experienced members have also found that weekdays are some of the best boating days, with less traffic on our waterways. We encourage our members to seek the solitude of weekdays and schedule weekday reservations whenever possible – an early day off work on a Thursday often makes for a fantastic afternoon on the water!

We’ve put together an entire blog post on the subject of whether boating club members can actually get a boat – you can check it out here.

How Do Reservations and Scheduling Work? How Hard is it to Get a Reservation?

Reservations are made in our online system and all members are given ample opportunity and access to our fleet.

The membership level you choose corresponds to the number of reservations you have to use for the season. One reservation equals a single AM or PM visit, typically 9 AM – 1 PM or 2 PM – 6 PM.

Reservations can be aligned in order to take a boat for an entire day, though we find that one AM or PM reservation offers plenty of time on the water. (Nine hours, 9 AM – 6 PM, is a long day of boating!)

‘Anytime’ Members may have up to two weekday and two weekend reservations on our schedule at any given time. ‘Weekday-Only’ Members may have up to four weekday reservations on our schedule at any given time.

If you’re an early morning boater, or would like to enjoy a late evening dinner on the water, accommodations can be made for our more experienced members. Enjoy early arrivals or later-in-the-day returns that extend beyond our normal business hours.

What If I Am New to Boating?

Welcome aboard! We specialize in helping new boaters enjoy the boating lifestyle! As part of your on-boarding experience, you’ll receive in-depth, on-water training with a professional instructor to assure that you and your family are safe and comfortable. To further enhance your skills, additional hands-on training opportunities are available throughout the season at the location of your choice to make sure you are comfortable and safe at the helm – all included in your membership!

Some guests that are still unsure about which boating experience might be best for them (renting, joining the Club, or owning) and choose to begin their boating journey with one of our On-Water Training programs. From hands-on lessons to NJ Boating Safety Certificate Courses, our Learn to Boat programs are a great way to start.

Can I Bring Guests on the Boat?

Yes. You may bring as many guests as are safely allowed on each boat.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Bridge Marina Boating Club?
  • You are a good candidate for the Boating Club if you enjoy boating, or if you are looking to experience boating for the first time. We include hands-on boat handling and safety training in every membership.
  • You are a good candidate if you are in the market to buy a boat, but unsure as to which boat might suit you best, as our Club gives you access to pontoons, bowriders, deck boats, and center console boats. The Club provides a great opportunity to “test drive” different boats for a summer to discover which might best suit you. Once you are ready to buy, we can help with that too! We’re an authorized dealer for Four Winns and Starcraft Marine,and can help you easily transition from Club membership to boat ownership.
  • You are a good candidate if you want someone else to deal with the normal hassles, commitments, confusion, or issues that can come with owning a boat. Our team is at the ready to handle everything, from maintenance and repairs, to making sure the boat is clean, fueled up, and ready to go for you when you arrive for your reservation.
  • You are a good candidate if you have limited vacation time available and want to make the most of your days off. All of your reservation time is spent enjoying boating – not cleaning, fueling up, or dealing with the other not-so-fun activities associated with boat ownership.
  • You may not be a good candidate if you prefer to do your own boat maintenance and care, or if you have a lot of free, unconstrained time to deal with your boat.
  • You may not be a good candidate if you cannot plan in advance or if you’re looking for just one boat to suit all your needs.
What Are the Dates of the Season? When are you open and closed?

The Club season begins on May 1st and goes through September 30th, weather and water conditions permitting.  We are closed on Wednesdays; reservations are open every other day of the week during the season.

Can I pay my membership dues monthly?

Yes – some members choose to pay their dues on a monthly basis and can do so using their credit card – it just costs a bit more.  We also offer a discount for members who choose to pay their membership fee in full.  Please contact us at info@bridgemarina.com to discuss our membership payment plans and which option suits you best.

How Long Have You Been Doing the Boating Club at Bridge Marina? What Sets You Apart From the Competition?

Bridge Marina has been in the marina business for over 65 years, which paved the way for us to develop New Jersey’s first boating club, founded in 2006. Renowned as the finest boating service provider available, our friendly, safety-conscious team is dedicated to ensuring your boating experience is remarkable.

Bridge Marina is New Jersey’s premier boating destination – the first freshwater NJDEP Certified Clean Marina and the state’s only nationally recognized “Marina of the Year.” Celebrated for our exceptional hospitality and keen focus on boating safety with multiple Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence and a SeaTow Foundation National Safety Award, we are committed to being your gateway to unparalleled boating adventures, industry innovation, and dedicated community support.

Is the Club Some Sort of Fractional Ownership or Time-Share?

No. Bridge Marina owns and maintains the equipment and you obtain a membership to use the facilities for the membership’s term, just as you might join a gym. You simply join the Boating Club for the season.

What About Boating Safety Equipment?

Safety is very important to us. Each boat is furnished with equipment for your safety and protection.

Is Insurance Included in My Membership?

Yes. Insurance is included in your membership.

Are Local Maps and Charts Included?

Yes. Each boat is equipped with a charts as well as a depth finder; many of our fleet boats also have GPS. Our helpful and friendly staff will be glad to guide or advise you on fun spots to explore.

Does Membership include the fuel? Do I Have to Fill Up the Boat?

No. For your convenience, our team fills the boat up for you and invoices your account accordingly.  Gratuities are also appreciated by our dock hand team.

What Happens If There Is a Problem With a Boat While We Are Using It?

Bridge Marina has an experienced service department and tow boat service ready to assist you.

Do you have a wait list?

Yes.  There are a limited number of memberships available each season within each level and location. When membership fills to capacity, you will be placed on our waiting list for the following season.

What factors make the Boating Club better for me than renting a boat?

Renting a boat is a great solution for many. With a boat rental, you enjoy a low-cost, low-commitment way to enjoy boating! This is a perfect solution for so many of our guests because it’s a relatively easy way to enjoy a day out on the water with family and friends. But, you are relegated to one type of boat (if you rent with us, you will rent a gorgeous luxury triple pontoon boat) and you only get to enjoy boating during that one outing you’ve reserved. We have thousands of guests who are more than happy with this set up.

However, some guests prefer fiberglass boats and/or would like to have a variety of boats to choose from. If you fall into this category, the Boating Club could be a better solution for you, as members have access to an entire fleet of sleek Four Winns fiberglass boats, gorgeous Starcraft Marine luxury triple pontoons, as well as a Wellcraft center console at our Highlands location.

Some guests are also looking to enjoy boating more than one or two times during the summer. As a Boating Club member, you choose and pay for the number of times you’d like to enjoy boating – (membership levels range from five to unlimited reservations). Depending on the membership level you choose, the Boating Club may be a better overall value for you.

Boating Club membership also offers more experienced members access to watersports equipment (tubes, wakeboards and the like) and the ability to perform water sports, such as towing/tubing; boat rentals strictly prohibit such activities.

Bottom line: There are benefits and tradeoffs to each type of boating option – it all depends on what you’re really looking to get out of the experience. We specialize in helping our guests discover which boating experience best fits their needs. Simply contact us and we can walk you through our process to help you discover your best fit.

I have been thinking about buying a boat, and now found the Boating Club. How do I know which experience is best for me?

There are benefits and tradeoffs to each type of boating experience – it all depends on what you’re really wanting to get out of the experience. We specialize in helping our guests discover which boating experience best fits their needs. Simply answer a few questions in our free Personalized Boat Buying Advice program and we will help walk you through our process to help you discover your best fit.

Do I need to bring my own tubes and equipment?

No; club membership includes access to a variety of watersports and safety equipment.  However, some members choose to bring their own as a personal preference.

**We do not suggest engaging in watersports activities or tubing as a brand new member. Watersports require a good amount of skill and practice in order to be enjoyed safely. Proper life jacket use, the use of a spotter, understanding how to tow a rider properly, and how to navigate the waters safely with other boaters present are only some of the serious considerations that must be understood thoroughly before engaging in watersports.**

What if I want to use the boat to go to dinner?

Afternoon (PM) reservations end at 6 PM. More experienced members may arrange for an “after hours” drop-off of the boat. With an “after hours” drop-off, dock hand assistance is not available – the member is responsible for docking the boat without any assistance, cleaning, and covering the boat at the end of their reservation. Please speak to a team member for more details.

What if I want to go for an early morning boating trip?

Accommodations can be made for early morning departures for our more experienced members and can be set up with a team member in advance. An early morning departure outside of our normal business hours does not include dock hand assistance, and requires the member to uncover the boat and successfully depart from their slip independently.

Can I use the boat all day?

Yes – you can align two reservations in order to take the boat out for an entire day at your home location.  However, we find that one AM or PM reservation offers plenty of time on the water. Nine hours (9 AM to 6 PM) is a long day of boating, sun, and fun!

What if I want to increase my membership?

If you find that you would like to upgrade your membership to a higher level (for example, you’d like to upgrade from a 5 reservations level to a 10 reservations level), you can do so without fees during the first 30 days of your active membership. You would simply be responsible for the difference in price between the two levels. You may also purchase an additional reservation at any time during your membership for an extra cost.

Are there any savings by paying in advance?

Yes – you save money by paying your dues in advance, rather than paying monthly; an even greater discount is offered if paying by certified check or cash.

When is the best time to join?

There really is no “best time” to join, as membership is for one full year.  But, we do have a limit on the number of memberships we can sell in any given year in order to comply with our strict “members to boat” ratio that ensures fair access to our boats, so we do recommend interested members do not wait until later in the season to join.  In addition, we’ve found that members who join in the middle of summer – and are anxious to get out on the water – are sometimes delayed by the amount of time it takes to get their NJ Boater Safety Certificate and schedule their on-water training.

Regardless of when you choose to join the Boating Club, we do suggest that you give yourself an ample amount of time to secure your NJ Boater Safety Certificate and schedule time for your on-water boat training.

Why should I join in the off season?

Members who join in the off season are not only guaranteed a spot in our membership for the upcoming Summer, they also give themselves ample time to secure their NJ Boater Safety Certificate (required for membership), and they are afforded first access to our schedule for required on-water training.

Do I pay the fees year-round?

Yes – if you choose to take advantage of our monthly payment program, dues are paid once a month for a 12-month commitment. If you do not wish to pay your dues every month for 12 months, we suggest our pay-in-full program, which also offers a discount on our fees.

I want to go boating at both of your locations. How does that work?

Upon joining, members choose a “Home Location” where they will do the majority of their boating.  Members typically choose to schedule their hands-on training at their home location, however, if you are a Lake Hopatcong home location member and plan to use your membership at our Highlands location as well, please schedule your training at our Highlands location. By successfully conducting your hands-on training on tidal waters in Highlands, you will have access to make reservations on our Highlands fleet.

Members have limited access to go boating at the location outside of their home location by using our reciprocity reservation system.  Simply contact us by phone at (973) 663-1976 to schedule your reciprocity reservation, noting that full day reservations (9 AM to 6 PM) are typically not available at locations other than your Home Location.

I have boating experience and a boating license. Why do I need to complete hands-on training as part of my orientation?

Safety is extremely important to us. All members, regardless of skill level, receive our hands-on training.  Even our most experienced members have shared that they learned something new or valuable from their training, and also appreciated the time on the water, getting to know the boats that are part of our fleet.

What if I don’t use all my reservations?

Reservations are “use or lose” and have no cash value; they cannot be carried over from year to year.  So, when choosing a membership level, we suggest that potential members realistically think about how many times they will actually be able to go boating. Take into account family Summer trips, camps for the kids, and other activities during the summer →  the number of times that you will realistically use the Boating Club may be less than you think.

Can my son or daughter drive the boat?

Only if they are older than 25, trained with our team, hold a NJ Boater Safety Certificate and are listed on the agreement, but they may not take the boat out without you.

Can I buy a “shared” membership between families?

No, “shared” memberships are not good for the overall Club experience, as they restrict access to boats and negatively impact other members.  You can, however, bring friends along on your boat trips!

Can I visit waterfront restaurants with “Dock and Dine” service?

Yes – many of our members enjoy waterfront dining as part of their boating trips. When choosing a dock and dine restaurant, please be mindful of the condition of any docks you approach, and use fenders, lines and bumpers correctly. Make sure you are comfortable with docking the boat on your own. Our team is happy to assist with additional training on how to tie up and dock your boat if needed.

Can I go fishing or crabbing?

Yes – many members enjoy fishing or crabbing on our boats! We find that crabbing and fishing can be particularly messy activities and ask our members to be mindful of cleaning up after themselves. We also suggest members utilize the Wellcraft Center Console at our Highlands location for these activities

What kinds of service does your dock hand team offer? Do I tip them?

Our friendly dock hands are the driving force that make our Club so enjoyable for our members. Upon arrival, our team members are ready to help you load up your gear, board, and depart from your slip safely. Upon return, our team is there to help you with docking and deboarding. Our dock hand team works hard every day to keep our fleet impeccably clean, fueled up, and professionally maintained for your use.

Gratuities for our dock hand team are greatly appreciated.

What Types of Boats Do You Rent?

Bridge Marina only offers a fleet of premium, fully-loaded, current triple pontoon boats for rent on Lake Hopatcong and at the Jersey Shore in Highlands. Our fleet offers top-of-the-line boats and has been specifically chosen to meet a variety of our renters’ needs and local conditions. Our boats comfortably seat a maximum of ten passengers (or 1,300 lbs of passengers and gear) and are well appointed to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable boating experience.

What’s Included in Your Boat Rental Packages?

Each boat rental includes: safety equipment; anchor; fuel (up to ten gallons of fuel for our Highlands guests); dock lines; fenders; bimini top; depth finder and fish finder; bluetooth; emergency on-water service; pre-rental instruction and our helpful and friendly staff to assure you have a great time!

What Are the Timeframes for Rentals?

Our 2023 boating season has ended – thanks to all who joined us for an incredible season on the water!

In season, Lake Hopatcong and Highlands rentals are available for the day, 10am to 5pm.  We also have a limited number of half-day rentals available on Lake Hopatcong. Our calendar books quickly, especially on weekends. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Long-term rentals are also available at both locations upon request; please call us at (973) 663-1976 for details.

How Do You Compare to the Competition?

Bridge Marina is the premier marina on Lake Hopatcong and offers the lake’s finest boat rental fleet, coupled with a professional, award-winning team. We are not your typical boat rental! We have a passion for welcoming our rental guests to the boating experience in safety and in style, and it shows in everything we do.

We also offer our boat rental and boating club services at the Jersey Shore at Baker’s Marina on the Bay in Highlands. At both locations, our rental guests experience top-notch service, exclusive perks and benefits and the finest fleet of boats available.

At Bridge Marina, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, community involvement, and delivering beyond expectations. Our work has been recognized on both the local and national levels, from national recognition twice as a “Marina of the Year,” to a National Safety Award from Sea Tow Foundation, to a “Certificate of Excellence” recognition from TripAdvisor to Daily Record Reader’s Choice award winner year after year. Bridge Marina is also New Jersey’s first and only freshwater Clean Marina.

What Are Your Renter/Driver Requirements?

Bridge Marina does not issue temporary boating certificates at either of our locations. If you do not have your NJ Boater Safety Certificate, we can help!  Please see below for more details. 

Boater Safety Certificate and Driver’s License

Renter must present a New Jersey Boater Safety Certificate and valid New Jersey auto driver’s license (you must have a boating safety certificate from state your auto license is issued); Bridge Marina does not issue temporary safety certificates. Please see our full renter qualifications below.

For Lake Hopatcong Rentals, Renter/Driver must

  • be 30 years of age or greater
  • present a NJ Boater Safety Certificate
  • present “Boat” Endorsement on Driver’s License
  • present a valid Auto Driver’s License
  • provide a valid and acceptable credit card (Visa/MC) with appropriate credit to accommodate Terms.
  • be sufficiently fluent in the English language to understand navigational signs, charts, communicate instructions and signals, respond to official inquiries, and to accept agreements, documents and instruction regarding rental and safety training.

For Highlands Boat Rentals: Renter/Driver must

  • be 30 years of age or greater
  • present a NJ Boater Safety Certificate
  • present a valid Auto Driver’s License
  • have experience boating in tidal waters
  • provide a valid and acceptable credit card (Visa/MC) with appropriate credit to accommodate Terms.
  • be sufficiently fluent in the English language to understand navigational signs, charts, communicate instructions and signals, respond to official inquiries, and to accept agreements, documents and instruction regarding rental and safety training.

Out-of-state guests

If your license is from another state, you must have a boating safety certificate from state your auto license is from, meet the Boating Safety requirements from your state, and/or present minimum of NJ Boater Safety Certificate, as well as hold a valid auto license and be 30 years of age or older.

All rental guests are encouraged to watch our Boating Safety and Education video and pass our Boating Safety Assessment prior to their reservation.  The intent of our safety video and assessment is to provide guests with basic boating safety information and help ensure that materials have been reviewed; neither the video or assessment certifies or licenses any guest to operate a vessel in New Jersey or any other state.

All boaters must follow all federal and state boating laws, including laws specific to Lake Hopatcong and tidal waters.

If You Do Not Have Your NJ Boater Safety Certificate, We Can Help!

There are several ways for you to get your certificate:

  1. Our Learn to Boat programs will help you get your certification and provide you with hands-on boat handling training! For an initial investment, you’ll gain the confidence and training to help you become a better, safer boater! The best part? After completing the program, we’ll give you back a discount toward a future boat rental with us. Learn more, email sales@bridgemarina.com or contact us at (973) 663-1976 for more information!
  2. We hold the New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate Course and exam in Lake Hopatcong and in Highlands weekly!  You can find an in person exam and class with Bridge Marina here.
  3. You can take an online class here.  Upon completion, you will need to take an in-person exam; exam dates can be found with Bridge Marina here.
What is Your Cancellation Policy?

A perfect boating day means different things to different people and we understand that scheduling can be a challenge for boaters. However, as a seasonal boating company that is only able to provide boat rental services for a few months of the year, last minute cancellations incur a great cost to our business and ultimately increase costs for our boaters. Full payment is required to reserve a rental boat of which $100 is non-refundable.

Rescheduling 48 hours in advance of Rental Check-In time may occur with no fee incurred. Rescheduling less than 48 hours before Rental Check-in will result in a $50 service fee. Rescheduled reservations are not eligible for refunds. Rescheduled reservations or credits will be available for six months from initial reservation date.

Cancellations greater than 48 hours in advance of Rental Check-in will be refunded payment less the $100 non-refundable amount. Cancellations less than 48 hours before the Rental Check-in will result in loss of entire reservation payment. If weather creates unsafe boating conditions, we will reschedule as mutually agreeable within restrictions herein. Failure to appear for reservation, late arrivals, inadvertent Boat malfunctions on the part of Renter, weather conditions, early departures or otherwise are not eligible for any refunds.

Do You Permit Alcohol Use on Your Rental Boats?

Alcohol is not permitted on our rental boats. Bridge Marina is a family-friendly environment and strictly reserves the right to refuse or cancel rentals to unruly, unsafe, intoxicated or raucous individuals or groups.

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